The full range of aluminium alloys can be produced to your specific requirements...

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Care for the environment is always at the top of our decision making process...

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Aluminium Alloy Ingot

The Egypt’s foremost manufacturer of secondary aluminium alloy ingots produced from aluminium scrap feedstock, HiTech Casting Co. has been supplying the full range of die-casting and foundry alloys for over five years. Our customers include manufacturers of automotive components and those using alloys for high integrity castings for a wide range of industrial, engineering and commercial applications.

Substantial investment over a five year period places Hitech Casting at the leading edge of recycling technology.

Our environmentally friendly production recovers approx 95% of the energy used to produce primary aluminium - put another way recycling of 1kg of Aluminium saves over 7 Kg’s of bauxite, 4 kg of chemicals and 13 kilowatt hours of electricity!

Our Aluminium Ingot manufacturing process falls under IPPC (Integrated Pollution, Prevention and Control) regulations which are strictly monitored by the Environment Agency.

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